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Be Sassy.

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About Us.

"Never underestimate the

power of a good outfit on a bad day" 

A thousand year flood wiped out many towns in the state of West Virginia.  In particular, White Sulphur Springs, home of the Greenbrier Resort and amazing people with a huge heart. 

Clothes to me were my THING growing up; each piece tells a different story.  A piece that only goes out of style when you want to stop believing you can ROCK IT, and goes in style when you believe you can OWN IT.  

At age 21, a girl who believed she could, did just that while attending college two states away.  In hopes to rebuild and bring positive hope to the one place that made me the women I am today, Sassy Britches Boutique was founded in November 2016.  

When we are younger things seem impossible and perfect at the same time.  With every outfit we choose to show everyone no matter our size, age, past, future, or present that you too can believe and you will. 

Heavily involved in giving back to many charities and youth organizations, I hope we can give you a positive shopping experience.  A shopping experience that allows you to gain empowerment, and never give up on chasing YOUR LIFE.